Met “Joey Pants” (Joe Pantoliano, Sopranos & film star — Risky Business & many others!)  yesterday at the BEA signing autographs for his new book “ASYLUM” which looks great!

Asylum <=Joe Pantoliano’s new book

I’ve been a big fan of Joe Pantoliano since “Risky Business.”  He talked to me about two of his earlier movies: “Eddie And The Cruisers” and the remake of  of “From Here To Eternity” (he played Maggio, Frank Sinatra’s original role).   I told him the hat he was wearing at BEA makes him look like Sinatra, and he told me he’d love to play Sinatra.  He also told my wife he still brings 1 of his 4 pet dogs to Hoboken (where I live) to play in one of the dog runs there.

NKM2 <= Joe Pantoliano’s foundation / documentary / interviews

4 more highlights of the Expo so far:

1. My new book: “The Project Management Answer Book” is featured  in the New Title Showcase at BEA.  Here is a photo my wife took of me yesterday in front of the New Title Showcase bookshelf at BEA:  PHOTO:  JF at BEA

2. Attended an outstanding presentation: “Facebook For Authors” by: social media guru CindyRatzlaff <==  Cindy’s site

3. Attended an excellent seminar about Twitter bLesliePoston <== Leslie’s site

4. Had a very enjoyable reunion lunch with my publisher and editors from Management Concepts, who all came up from Washington DC for the Expo.