Key to passing the PMP Exam is getting very good at answering practice questions. And for the month of May, I am offering a discount on the best test tool I know of: The PMP Exam Simulator (the one I recommend to all my NYU PMP students).

Just use the following Coupon Code and Registration Link:

Benefits of the PMP Exam Simulator

  1. Leading-edge simulator
  2. Offering 9 full-length 200-Question Exams (1,800 questions)
  3. One of the 9 exams is all ITTOs
  4. The test questions are continuously updated to reflect changes to the actual PMP Exam
  5. Expert feedback provided on all the answers (mapping back to the PMBOK)
  6. Licensed users can communicate online with PMP experts at OSP International about any of the questions

Get certified before the PMP Test changes! (Jan 2018)

The PMP Exam is changing January 2018 to comply with the upcoming PMI PMBOK Version 6.  Nail down your certification before then with the help of The PMP Exam Simulator!

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With some of my PMP students at PMI NYC

With some of my PMP students at PMI NYC

"Has some e some tasty Test Tips!" ~Mavis

“Has some tasty test tips!” ~Mavis